Criteria for band to be listed is to have played a concert or released a song.

Artists often play in several bands simultaneously. Chronological order is by when a band started. A following band does not necessarily mean the artists left previous bands.

A slash in band name means there was a name change, or sometimes, the band used both names.

Instruments played by the artist are listed in order of relevance. For instance an artist that for the most part plays guitar and less frequently drums will have "guitar, drums" listed.

Description of photography lists, if available, L - R, time, date and scenario.

URL lists the most representative web site. It can be band's or artist's own domain, Wikipedia, YouTube, etc. Facebook is listed separately.

Prev and Next buttons on individual band and artist pages show all bands and artists, in alphabetical order.

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Links to artists with only one name (like Thomas or John) list all artists with that name.

On artists pages, the bands are shown in alphabetical order. This will be changed to chronological order when structure is improved.

Many photos have very poor quality, because of how things were done. They are being upgraded one by one.

Many photos lack credit and description. Adding this is a priority.