Kiss Bands Tree


This bands tree intends to be the most comprehensive, detailed, and correct display of lineups including all ten members of the American rock band known as Kiss. Nevertheless it is bound to contain multiple errors. Your corrections, additions and comments are highly appreciated. Another way you can help out is by making Wikipedia and Discogs articles for artists that don't already have one. And expanding on those that exist. Keep in mind that this illustration is a simplification of reality and certain information is approximate only. Click image below to see full size, full quality, watermarked version. This illustrated bands tree is the only one of its kind ever made. The plan is to also print it and sell it. I'm interested in print-and-mail-on-demand deals. Dimensions: 67" x 52".

Kiss bands tree

Thanks to: Alan St. Jon, Alex Alessandroni, Alex Bergdahl, Anatoly Lysenkov, Anna Dalva, Andre LaBelle, Anthony Esposito, Art Lindauer, Barry Dempsey, Bernie Rose, Beth Jordan, Blanche Napoleon, Bob Kulick, Bob Pryor, Bobby Raylove, Bobby Mc Adams, Bobby Torello, Bill Trepkowski, Bill Troiani, Brian James Fox, Bruce Kulick, Bryce Mileto, Carmine Appice, Chris Camiolo Heathcliff, Chris Czynszak, Chris Deutsch, Chris McLernon, Chris Wyse, Christopher Williams, Claude von Trotha, Cliff Norton, Curt A. Rivard Sr., Dan Parker, Danny Parker, Dave Goode, Dave Spitz, David MacDonald, David Polich, Dave Polinsky, Dean Andrews, Derek Sherinian, Derrek Hawkins, Dino Wiand, Eddie Howe, Eric Dover, Eric Singer, Erïc Stär, Frank Amato, Gary Shea, Gene Chiamulera, George Andrus, Greg Chaisson, Guy Boissiere, Harry Gschoesser, Henry Lee, Henry Lee Jr, Hirsh Gardner, Ilias Kostopoulos, Ira Hoch, Jack Scarangella, Jamie Hunting, Jaime St. James, Jamie Fresh, Jamie Moses, Jamie Oldaker, Jane Booke, Jason Ebs, Jeff Ballew, Jef Warner, Jelle Jansen, Jeremy Asbrock, Jim Crean, Joe Nevolo, John D'Alesio, John Muller, John Pakalenka, John Regan, John Slaver, Julia Creadore, Julian Gill, Karl Cochran, Karl Örtenmark, Karla DeVito, Kathleen Callahan, Kevin Russell, Kjell Solberg, Knut Ole Ringstad, Larry Kelly, Laurent Biehly, Laurent Rousselot, Lars Gøran Gustavsen, Leonard Guglielmo, Lisa Kulick, Lisbeth Tønnesen, Lydia Criss, Marc Ferrari, Mark Chatfield, Mark Montague, Marty Cohen, Marty McMahon, Matt Starr, Kevin Russell, Marc Lucarelli, Michael Kane, Michael Katz, Michael Lascuola, Michael Wayne, Mike Brand, Mike Brunn, Mike Filippone, Mike Hutchens, Mike McGill, Mike Festa, Mike McLaughlin, Mike Stone, Mitchell Bergen, Neil Stubenhaus, Patrick De Montigny, Paul Turino, Paul Stanley, Paul Wolf Christensen, Pete Broemel, Pete Holmes, Peter Criss, Phil Naro, Philip Shouse, Rafael Moreira, Ramon Yslas, Raymond Hart, Rett Carr, Rich Circell, Rich Creadore, Richie Scarlet, Richard Buffett, Richard Gerstein, Rick Broniste, Robert Fleischman, Rock Redline, Roger Banks, Ron LeeJack, Ryan Wariner, Sandy Slavin, Sarita Henderson, Saul Zonana, Scot Coogan, Shane Bankston, Sharlotte Gibson, Skip Smith, Spiro Papadatos, Stan Miczek, Stan Singer, Steve Boone, Steve Coronel, Steve Greenberg, Steve Young, Thomas Amato, Tim Cashion, Todd Schofield, Tom Ellis, Tom Siano, Tommy Amato, Tommy Rude, Tommy Stella, Tony Martin, Tony Crow, Tony Zarrella, Victor Cohen, Vinnie Vincent, Wayne Schuster and Will Lee.

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